Monday, April 20, 2009

Osama Bin Laden- Results of Actions

Because of Osama Bin Laden and terrorist groups around the world, many people are enduring the hardships that are in place. Not just in the United States, but all over the world people are obstructed from doing everyday things. Even schools, after the Beslan massacre, that killed 344 innocent people, now face security hassles everyday. But sometimes they arent even hassles, but complete lifestyle that are obstructed by the fear of terrorism. Iraqi's who may have lived outside of the Green zone and worked inside it's walls have an extremely hard time trying to get in every day, if they get in at all. Other people, such as business travelers, also have problems now that security at airports, train stations, and at bus terminals. after events such as 9/11 and terrorist attacks around the world, very few people (who travel, or commute, etc...) will ever live in the same way that they did before, and many people will be obstructed from being able to have a very normal life. I myself am hassled when I leave JFK airport, twice, I've been selected for additional screening, and I've nearly missed the flight on those occasions. I am humiliated as I kept barefoot in a glass box as a TSA agent drags a cloth acros all my clothes and all my posesions to scan for possible weapons. Then they go through everything in my bag(s) and have it all checked twice.Unfortunately, to keep us safe, everybodyhas to go through the screening and the baggies with liquids, etc...

picture: students at a a school have to go through rigorous inspections to get in.


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