Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Osama Bin Laden- Begginings of Terrorism

Osama Bin Laden has or had almost always been very radical about his views on world Islam. but, he hadn't always been a terrorist. In fact he was once connected with Pakistani intelligence agencies, that received funding from intelligence agencies of The United States, like the CIA. This was because he was fighting first, before terrorism, against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. His reported incredibly brave fighting at big battle like Jalalabad (check googgle map), made him a natural leader for Islamic fighters and allied him with the Taliban. He came from a wealthy family and could acces about 6-7 million US dollars every year, now though, his family has cut him of from his supply of money after mounting pressure from the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. After the Afghan War, Osama Bin Laden, firmly believed that Afghanistan was the only country in the world that had proper Sharia. (Islamic Law). This was when it was still under the control of the Taliban. Later Osama Bin Laden helped to organize Islamic Groups from Serbia, and places like Kosovo, during the Balkan Wars. Slowly since, he has managed to organize and Fund Al Qaeda and other organizations around the world.

Picture: Osama Bin Laden in military Gear in Afghanistan during the eighties.

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