Monday, April 20, 2009

Osama Bin Laden- Current Whereabouts

Right now, Osama Bin Laden is one of the most wanted terrorists on the planet. He is wanted by governments from around the world and the rewards for information leading to his capture or death are huge, up to 25 million dollars from the United states federal governments and a further 2 million dollars from the airline industry. Unfortunately, nobody knows where he is exactly, or even if he is alive. since so few video recordings of him have been shown, and none at all in the last 5 years, many people speculate that he died, possibly from sickness or malnutrition, etc.. If he is alive though, many people think that he is on the Afghan-Pakistan border region and can pass from one to the other quite often. Also, he probably does not live in a cave like many people would like to beleive, but probably he moves around from time to time between the tribal compounds. He does'nt have any kidney disease, but he has had kidney stones, and he does take medication for low blood pressure, so could he be found if someone located his medicine supplier? But really, he doesn't matter so much, it's the act of terrorism that does. So many people, who have been inspired by him do terrorist acts on their own accord as well. Not only is he responsible for all the things that he and Al Qaedda has done, but as a terroist inspirer, he has managed to make hundreds, maybe thousands of other join his ideology and kill civilians and innocents.

picture: OBL with Aiman Al Zawahiri at a compund liike the one mentioned. (click on picture to show full image)


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